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Convert Method

Based on two approaches:
- Purity
- Convexity

The M Convertibles management method is based on 2 axes

The Montpensier Finance Convertible Bond investment process is generally based on the search for convexity.

It is based on the hybrid nature of convertible bonds and on the asymmetrical performance profile of convertible bonds.


The purity

► The integrated option of a Convertible Bond is unique.

No market option replicates it and does not include its specific clauses.

The Convexity

whose objective is to:

► reduce interest rate, credit and equity risks.

►« locker » regularly profits.


Méthode M Convertibles Euro en


► An investment zone in the Euro zone.

Méthode M Convertibles Monde en


► A global investment area.

► The possibility of using derivatives on a complementary basis.

Long-term track record

Montpensier Finance has established a long-term track record in convertible bonds investment management: M Convertibles.

Our convertible bonds expertise predominantly covers Eurozone convertible bonds.

The M Convertibles fund is ranked in the 1st quartile in its category* over 10, and 5 years.

*as of 06/30/2020 - Morningstar Peer Group : Open-Ended Convertible Bond - Europe.

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Funds invested according to the M Convertibles investment process:

M Convertibles

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