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Delivering performance by combining talent and method

Our values

This is Montpensier Finance’s conviction, based on our proven investment track record, our truly entrepreneurial culture and our responsible commitment.

In the complex world of Investment, our fund managers work together as a team and draw on our methods and analytical tools, which we have been developing and enhancing constantly over many years.

We strive to anticipate and identify major trends and attractive themes in the international markets.

Our constant priority is to devote all of our expertise and resources to our clients in order to deliver the best performance and provide the best service.

Our genetic makeup is resolutely « investor-driven ».

Our team-based, qualitative and quantitative approach provides our fund managers with a solid basis in the rapidly-changing financial environment.

Faced with the 3 major current trends that are multifaceted globalisation, irresistible digitalisation and increasingly-stringent regulations , we combine our bottom-up and top-down views within our investment process. This unique approach is a determining factor in identifying companies’ growth potential, while also understanding their business cycles and analysing their valuations in order to pick the most promising investment vehicles.

We also integrate environmental, social and governance criteria, which are indispensable for a clearer view of long-term outlook and for investing in the 21st century, characterised by greater involvement from civil society.

We are passionate about investing in midcap growth stocks which are fertile ground for successful investments.

Our three-fold investment expertise in European equities, convertible bonds and multi-asset management, deploys dynamic methods and techniques drawing on agile and imaginative talents in the best interests of our investors.

Who we are

Montpensier Finance is an independent French investment management company based in Paris, managing funds since 2004 and composed of a renowned team led by Guillaume Dard.

Our teams apply their three-fold investment expertise in European equities, convertible bonds and multi-asset management.

Assets under management exceed EUR 2 billion. The funds are managed conjointly by experienced professionals, using proprietary methods integrating ESG criteria and our responsible engagement.

A track record based on proprietary and dynamic investment processes that are applied by an experienced and renowned team

The Best Business Models Investment Process

Based on company's positioning in its lifecycle and its upside potential, the Best Business Models investment process drives the decision-making of our European Equity management teams.

The MMS method - Montpensier Market Scan

Enables our Flexible and Multi-Asset management teams to rely on 4 major analysis pillars in order to determine allocation: macroeconomic momentum, monetary policy dynamics, market valuation and market dynamics.



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