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M Climate Solutions

M Climate Solutions

International Climate Equities


Label Greenfin  |  Label Towards Sustainability

ISIN: FR0013446812

Label Greenfin   Label Towards Sustainability
  • Global Equities

    All Caps
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    Climate Solutions

  • Investment horizon

    Longer than 5 years

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  • Risk

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M Climate Solutions is a global equity thematic fund, targeting European, American and Asian companies of all capitalizations that are effectively involved and can generate a real impact in the ecology and energy transition for climate change.

Logo PRIThe fund's investment management strategy relies on a proprietary and dynamic process: the ESG-inclusive Climate Solutions investment process.



Investment strategy

M Climate Solutions

In the face of ever-increasing threats to the environment, we aim to select international companies actively engaged in reducing climate impact.

We are convinced that there are 3 major transition drivers in which it is essential to invest:


M Climate vectors


The objective is to continuously seek out companies that contribute fully to the climate transition.

The fund's management strategy follows a two-pronged approach to identifying values :

Stock picking MCS  en



Intensity of the "green share" of the portfolio

The green share of the portfolio is measured by estimating the share of turnover linked to the 8 eco-activities.


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Investment objective

The objective of the fund is to participate in the evolution of international equity markets by investing primarily in shares of companies whose initiatives or solutions contribute directly or indirectly to the reduction of the impacts of climate change, or in the actions of companies whose part of the activity concerns developments and developments related to the theme of energy and climate transition. The fund will position itself on the world markets and will invest mainly in equities and related instruments to a minimum of 75%, through discretionary Bottom Up management focusing on the search for intrinsic quality of securities.


ISIN: FR0013446812

Label Greenfin   Label Towards Sustainability
VL 485,78€
YTD 7,20%
5 years -
2020 71,95%

Risk-return profile

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
Lower risks typically lower rewards Higher risks typically higher rewards

Risk of loss of capital : the fund does not offer any guarantee of performance nor capital.

Risk associated with discretionary investment management : risk that the fund is not always invested in the best-performing equities.

Equity risk : equity markets may vary sharply, and drop significantly in particular. Furthermore, the fund may invest up to 40% of net assets in small-caps, which may present additional risks due to their specific characteristics.

Other risks : small caps risk, emerging equities risk, derivatives market risk, interest rate risk, credit risk, default risk, foreign exchange market risk, liquidity risk.

Risks are detailed in the prospectus.

Fund specifications

Inception date 2 July 2019
Legal status UCITS IV French-law compliant SICAV
AMF classification Global Equities
PEA eligible (France only) No
Currency EUR
ISIN codes FR0013446812 (M Climate Solutions C), FR0013476678 (M Climate Solutions R)
Cost Refer to the prospectus and each fund share's KIID in the "download documents" box above.
Investment management company Montpensier Finance
Custodian Caceis Bank France
Valuation Daily (Caceis Fund Admin)
Cut-off Refer to the prospectus and contact the banking institution that handled the order.
Investment horizon Longer than 5 years
Approved for distribution in France, Switzerland
Centralist Caceis Bank


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