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M Convertibles

M Convertibles

Eurozone, Convertible Bonds


4 Stelle Morningstar  |  grand prix de la finance  |  4 Etoiles Quantalys

ISIN: FR0013084357

4 Stelle Morningstar   grand prix de la finance   4 Etoiles Quantalys
  • Convertible Bonds

  • Method

    M Convertibles

  • Investment horizon

    Longer than 3 years

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  • 5 years performance


  • Risk

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M Convertibles is an equity convertible bonds fund predominantly invested in Eurozone and OCDE countries.

The fund ranks in the 1st quartile in its category* over 5 and 10 years, and its investment strategy is based on seeking purity & convexity.

Logo PRIM Convertibles investment process takes into account the ESG criteria.



*as of 31st December 2020- Morningstar Peer Group : Open-Ended Convertible Bond - Europe.

As of 31st December 2020, MorningstarTM rating are not guaranteed to be accurate, complete or timely, and concern funds' capitalisation share classes.

Investment strategy

M Convertibles

The fund's investment strategy is based on seeking purity and convexity.


methode MCV Euro


The performance objective of the fund, which is based on European bond and equity markets, is to outperform the Exane Eurozone Convertible Bond index over the medium term, through a discretionary investment management.

The M Convertibles fund aims to capture equity market upside, whilst benefiting from the defensive aspect provided by the bond component of its investments, which mitigates downside market risk.

The M Convertibles fund's investments are managed on a discretionary basis. The portfolio management team applies a multi-criteria stock picking approach, analysing equity upside potential, credit risk and the technical profile of convertible bonds.

Investment objective

The management objectives of the SICAV consist in obtaining performance linked to that of the European bond markets and equities markets. In particular the management objective of the UCITS consists in obtaining over the recommended investment duration, performance greater than that of the Exane Eurozone Convertible Bond benchmark index. The UCITS mainly seeks sensitivity to the equities markets while aiming to limit the risk linked to an eventual decline in markets through the protective aspect of the bond component.


ISIN: FR0013084357

4 Stelle Morningstar   grand prix de la finance   4 Etoiles Quantalys
VL 600,53€
YTD -1,83%
5 years 16,63%
2020 6,99%

Risk-return profile

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
Lower risks typically lower rewards Higher risks typically higher rewards

The fund is invested in equity convertible bonds. The portfolio is exposed on one hand, to equity risk, and on the other hand, to bond risk (interest rate and credit risks) because it is composed of convertible bonds with double sensitivities.

Convertible bonds risk : Convertible bonds valuation depends on several factors (interest rate level, underlying equity price, derivative price included in the convertible bond, etc.).

Risk of loss of capital : the fund does not offer any guarantee of performance nor capital.

Discretionary management risk : risk that the fund is not always invested in the best performing securities.

Other risks : volatility risk, high yield market risk, risk on subordinated securities, derivatives market risk, default risk, foreign exchange market risk, liquidity risk.

Risks are detailed in the prospectus.

Fund specifications

Inception date 11 February 2016 after merging with 28 December 1990 FCP
Legal status UCITS IV French-law compliant SICAV
AMF classification n/a
PEA eligible (France only) No
Currency EUR
ISIN codes FR0013084357 (M Convertibles IC), FR0013084365 (M Convertibles ID), FR0013083680 (M Convertibles AC), FR0013084340 (M Convertibles AD)
Cost Refer to the prospectus and each fund share's KIID in the "download documents" box above.
Investment management company Montpensier Finance
Custodian Caceis Bank France
Valuation Daily (Caceis Fund Admin)
Cut-off Refer to the prospectus and contact the banking institution that handled the order.
Investment horizon Longer than 3 years
Approved for distribution in France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, Italy (institutional investors)
Centralist Caceis Bank
Transfert Agent Caceis Bank, Luxembourg branch


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