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Mondial Valor

Mondial Valor

Multi Asset - International


ISIN: FR0011138197

  • Multi-Asset

  • Method


  • Investment horizon

    Over 5 years

  • NAV




  • 5 years performance


  • Risk

    • 1
    • 2
    • 3
    • 4
    • 5
    • 6
    • 7

Mondial Valor is flexibly managed and can be dynamically exposed to international equities.

Méthode MMS

Allocation between the major asset classes and flexible investment management rely on the 4 analysis pillars of the MMS method - Montpensier Market Scan: economic momentum, monetary dynamics, valuation, and market dynamics.


  • Potential diversification of asset classes

  • Broad access to international securities MMS

  • Flexible allocation



As of 29th December 2017, MorningstarTM rating are not guaranteed to be accurate, complete or timely, and concern funds' capitalisation share classes.

Investment strategy

Multi asset The Mondial Valor fund aims to conduct mid-term and long-term diversified investment management, through discretionary investment combining products with a stock component and products with a bond component.

The fund (classified as diversified) makes use of a discretionary investment strategy that applies the investment diversification principle to different asset classes, mainly through OPC and/or Trackers that will mainly be invested on OECD’s main marketplaces.

Investment objective

The fund investment objective is to implement a diversified and flexible investment management, on the medium and long term, over the 5 years recommended investment period, through a discretionary investment method, combining equity and fixed income securities, all of which may provide a high risk/reward profile. The fund mainly invests in international stock markets part of the OECD, through UCI (including ETF) European UCITS and AIF open to non professional holders or direct investment in securities.


ISIN: FR0011138197

VL 423,31€
YTD 6,09%
5 years 27,54%
2020 8,73%

Risk-return profile

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
Lower risks typically lower rewards Higher risks typically higher rewards

Sustainability risk : the UCITS is exposed to the risk that an environmental, social or governance event or situation, if it occurs, may have a material adverse effect, actual or potential, on the value of the portfolio securities.

Risk of loss of capital : there is no guarantee of fund performance, or capital guarantee, performance may be negative, and capital might not be returned.

Risk associated with discretionary investment management : two components, one from the portfolio manager anticipations and its investment decisions, the second from markets and financial assets fluctuations. Risk that the fund is not always invested in the best-performing markets or assets.

Risks incurred by flexible exposure and the use of derivatives : risks incurred by the level of the fund’s equity exposure, fund NAV may decrease more sharply than the markets in which the portfolio is invested.

Equity risk : equity markets may vary sharply, and drop significantly in particular.

Other risks : small caps risk, interest rate risk, credit risk, counterparty risk, emerging equities risk, convertible bonds risk, high yield market risk, risk on subordinated securities, commodities risk, derivatives market risk, foreign exchange market risk, liquidity risk.

Risks are detailed in the prospectus.

Fund specifications

Inception date 15 december 2011
Legal status UCITS IV French-law compliant FCP
AMF classification n/a
PEA eligible (France only) No
Currency EUR
ISIN codes FR0011138197 (Mondial Valor AC), FR0011138205 (Mondial Valor AD)
Cost Refer to the prospectus and each fund share's KIID in the "download documents" box above.
Investment management company Montpensier Finance
Custodian Caceis Bank France
Valuation weekly (Caceis Fund Administration)
Cut-off Refer to the prospectus and contact the banking institution that handled the order.
Investment horizon Over 5 years
Approved for distribution in France, Belgium
Centralist Caceis Bank


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