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Method Climate Solutions

The objective is to select international companies that are actively committed to reducing climate impact.

Our conviction and objectives

M Climate Solutions

An investment in the future to contribute to the implementation of climate solutions.

In the face of the major threats to the climate, we are convinced that there are 3 majors transition vectors in which to invest::

  • Responsible Energy,
  • Preservation of land capital,
  • Efficient Transport

We select companies that are actively committed to reducing climate impact.




Selection based on extra-financial criteria and fundamental analysis.

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Scoring and Ranking

Implication Note in the Energy Transition (ITE) :

  • Exposure to themes
  • Management of these themes
  • Montpensier Finance overweight positioning opportunities

Note of controversy :

  • Montpensier Finance overweights the Environment rating

Carbon Profile Note :

  • Carbon intensity
  • Management of this risk by the company

Impact :

The objective is to continuously seek out companies that contribute fully to the climate transition


Méthode Climate Solutions - Nuage



Portfolio construction

Méthode Climate Solutions - Construction Portefeuille

M Climate Solutions

International Equity Fund invested according to the Climate Solutions method :

M Climate Solutions

M Climate Solutions

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