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MMS Method

4 analysis pillars of the MMS method - Montpensier Market Scan

MMS Method - Montpensier Market Scan


Enables our flexible and Multi-Asset management teams to rely on 4 major analysis pillars in order to determine allocation: 

  • economic momentum,
  • monetary dynamics,
  • valuation,
  • market dynamics.


The 4 pillars of the MMS method



Méthode MMS 4 piliers

Economic Momentum

Méthode MMS Pilier1Monitor and analyze macroeconomic dynamics of a country or a geographical area with a scoring method of a large sample of economic publications. 

Monetary policies dynamics

Méthode MMS pilier 2Analyze the dynamics of the monetary policies of main Central Banks, estimate their response capacity and their influence on exchange rates and bond & equity markets.

Market Valuation

Méthode MMS pilier 3Analyze the theoretical stock prices of major equity markets with a focus on earnings growth, consensus, and valuation prospects.

Market Dynamics

Méthode MMS pilier 4Analyze the behavioral context of markets, their dynamics and signals induced on a wide range of equity and bond indices. 

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